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The new Club Cage


The new Club Cage,

or how to personalize your customer experience for more engagement


Montreal, Monday, September 17, 2018 – As one of the first restaurants in Quebec to offer this type of customer experience, La Cage – Sports Bar unveils its new rewards program, based on its customers’ habits and preferences. Through a new app, the program allows La Cage to get to know their customers better in order to surprise and reward them with each visit.


More than two years ago, La Cage – Sports Bar began redesigning its restaurants and its menu in order to improve the quality of its offer. “For us, Club Cage is the next logical, modern step that will allow us to engage more with our current and future clients. We take engagement with our customers very seriously and are taking special care to make sure this program is properly integrated internally, from not only a technological and operational viewpoint but from a communicational one as well,” explains Jean Bédard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Sportscene.


A personalized experience and rewards

“This program goes above and beyond traditional loyalty programs, which have a more transactional strategy. Club Cage is more personal and engaging than a simple transaction. It’s designed to evolve by applying the information learned after each visit to create a more personalized, satisfying and surprising experience,” adds Alexis Robin, Partner, Vice-President of Digital Experience at lg2.


Thanks to a visit counter (1 reward for every 5 visits), it is now possible to offer personalized rewards to members based on their preferences, the frequency of their visits and the value of each of their transactions. This ensures each visitor’s experience is unique. La Cage’s famous “5 goals, 8 wings” promotion (free wings when the Montreal Canadiens score 5 or more goals) is still available with the new Club Cage. The program also features more fun challenges that promote the discovery of different menu items. Each completed challenge unlocks a new level and a new challenge which leads to an even tastier reward for the customer.


The Club Cage project was created in collaboration with iQ724, a company specialized in the implementation and management of loyalty programs and other customer retention solutions.


In order to promote the program, promotional material was presented in different locations for the benefit of the customers. To join Club Cage, click here. You can also check your account online and obtain a physical card in person at any La Cage location.