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Thanks to an investment of nearly 3 million $, La Cage – Brasserie sportive finally opened its doors on October 17, in the heart of Montreal's Quartier des spectacles. Strategically located within Complexe Desjardins, the street-front restaurant and terrace employ nearly 200 staff and feature a total 260-seat capacity, with 40 seats on the terrace per say.

"We are proud that we could convince Complexe Desjardins management to pick our chain," explains Jean Bédard, President and CEO of Sportscene Group. "With its tasteful freshness-first menu created by chef Louis-François Marcotte and his team, this new outlet of La Cage - Brasserie sportive both demonstrates the dynamism of our brand and confirms the success of our strategic repositioning."

The sought-after 605 sq m (6500 sq ft) space not only showcases the new La Cage to all Montreal, it also promises to become a focal point for attracting tourists, workers and festival-goers alike. Patrons are greeted by La Cage's trademark attention to breathtaking décor; inspired by modern breweries, walls are decorated with kegs and microbrewery barrels, while a giant video screen remains tuned to the day's sporting events. The venue also plans to offer weeknight performances in keeping with the neighbourhood's distinctive mission.

The opening couldn't be timelier according to Jean Ruest, Marketing Director at Complexe Desjardins: "On the eve of Montreal's 375th Anniversary festivities, with Desjardins acting as a major sponsor, Complexe Desjardins couldn't be prouder to expand its food offering by welcoming the new La Cage - Brasserie sportive concept. It's a wonderful gift since the building itself will be celebrating its 40th anniversary! Also worth noting, the arrival of such a well-established chain will provide key support to the major redesign program of our St. Catherine Street commercial facade aimed at treating food enthusiasts to a wider restaurant offering in the comfort of heated urban lodges."

No doubt about it, this new rendezvous should delight foodies far and wide. It's an invitation!

About La Cage – Brasserie Sportive

La Cage – Brasserie Sportive, Quebec's leading chain of sports-themed resto-bars, has been operated since 1984 by Sportscene Group Inc., a Quebec company employing some 2,500 people. The chain includes over 46 restaurants and offers a range of products in grocery stores. La Cage delivers fresh, authentic cuisine served in a festive and sporty ambiance. Together, its activities make it a dominant company on the economic scene in Quebec. 


About Complexe Desjardins

For over forty years, COMPLEXE DESJARDINS has been at the heart of a range of human activities. Three office towers and 110 shops and restaurants surround a large public square, where some 200 varied events are held every year. Located at the crossroads of Montreal's downtown core, its underground city and its entertainment district, Complexe Desjardins is one of the city's most important multifunctional buildings—and one of the busiest.